Adjustable Guiderails (R.A.V.E.)

Adjustable Guiderails equipped conveying systems allow for a quick easy and accurate adjustment of the product guiderails. What this will do for your production line is get you back up and running in just minutes as opposed to hours of downtime to make the adjustments manually. This feature is especially critical when the conveying systems are overhead and hard to reach. At CPW we offer our AutoRail system as handwheel operated or motorized. Either system will get your lines up and running quickly.

Our AutoRail system is based on rotary motion through a series of connecting rods. The guiderail brackets are attached to an overhead slide system for a smooth movement and a rigid mount. Our design can be used through curves and negotiate inclines and declines.

Our manual AutoRail uses handwheels for the adjustment, we strategically locate the handwheels for the best distribution and minimize the amount required. Each handwheel is equipped with a scale or numeric counter for repeat adjustments.

Our motorized AutoRail uses AC gearmotors or servo motors to turn the connecting rods making the adjustments to the guiderails. A linear transducer is used for feedback as to the location of the rails for applications with the AC gearmotors. Limit switches are also included for end of range limits for the rail system.