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Motor Driven Roller is our only powered roller conveyor line that we offer. We have seen an increasing need for a true "zero pressure" accumulation style conveyor line.

While you think of case handling when it comes to roller style conveyors, we have proven that roller style conveyors can work with products that have soft sides, that are poly wrapped and are not flat on all sides. Provided the product/package has a flat bottom it can be conveyed and accumulated on our Motor Driven Roller conveyor line. While this line was developed primarily for "zero pressure" accumulation we have taken it another step further, accumulation on inclines and declines. If full line accumulation is required there is a very good chance that we will be able to assist you with making this a reality.

Since accumulation is what this line was designed for, it can also be used for simple transportation. This line runs quietly and smooth with simple routine maintenance to keep it rolling.  This line is available in a number of widths, roller centers, roller speeds and accumulation zone lengths. With elevated lines we can always add our automated auto rail system for quick easy guiderail adjustments.

Listed are some additional features
1) Side product justification
2) Inclines / Declines
3) Sortation systems
4) Right angle transfers
5) Accumulation / Transportation
6) Spirals
7) Metering / Gapping