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These conveyors are your typical style of conveyor. These use a table top plastic chain that is either a straight running chain or a curve chain. These conveyors are used for transportation and accumulation. These conveyors come in a number of widths from 3.25" up to 16.0". For some special applications even smaller widths are available. The conveyors are manufactured in mild steel with a durable powder coating.

At CPW we manufacture these conveyors in a "standard" duty design and as a "heavy" duty design. The main difference being the type of chain. In our "heavy" duty design, the chain that is used is a stronger chain for more challenging applications.

Our table top conveyors can be manufactured in an "open top" style which is the most common style. We also manufacture these conveyors as a "closed top" design, this is our Econo-Line conveyor series. 

The chains that are available can be customized with cleats or friction inserts. These are for special situations like inclines and declines or metering products. The chains are also manufactured in a number of different materials depending on the application. The most common is the LF material or "low friction". The other materials can reduce the coefficient of friction, provided as "anti-static" or even abrasion resistant to name a few. These conveyors can operate at a number of different speeds. Special considerations need to be made when exceeding the 250 fpm speed. These considerations include conveyor layout and curve wear strip material.