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Fabric belts have been available for a very long time and have some of the most unique advances of all the different styles of conveyors. There are hundreds of different types of material for whatever it is that you need to do. At CPW we will review your application and make a recommendation based on your specific needs.

Our standard fabric belt conveyor is a slider bed style. Fabric belt conveyors are used for transportation, accumulation, inclines, declines metering and much more. These conveyors come in a wide variety of widths as the belt is slit from a large parent roll. The conveyors can be manufactured in stainless steel type 304 or 316.

We have a standard center drive system and also offer an end drive with end take-up. We typically incorporate a steering pulley for tracking the belt. This provides for a positive easy adjustment in order to keep the belt running straight. There is typically no limit for the speed of belt conveyors, reaching speeds of 1000 fpm is very possible.

Listed are a number of ways that we can work with fabric belts for your special application.

1) Sanitary clean design
2) Quick release take-ups
3) Slider bed troughed and sanitary troughed
4) Cleats and various profiles
5) "V" guides for tracking
6) Troughed roller bed
7) Retractable
8) Noser applications
9) A variety of belt splices