What Our Customer Service Department Can Do For Your Company.

CPW wants to provide its customers with the highest quality equipment it can and it doesn’t stop there. We also will provide you with the highest standard of customer service with a team of highly qualified Technicians that have a vast knowledge and experience with many types of equipment.

We can do this by providing the following services:


Comprehensive Equipment Manuals: 
There will be an equipment manual provided with every equipment order. This can be done in hard copy, cd or both. The manual will provide the you with the basic to the advanced information about your purchased equipment.

Information in the Manual: Index, Services Provided and Rates, General Safety Write-up, Equipment Operations, CPW Equipment Overview, Spare Parts List, Mechanical / Electrical Drawings, and Vendor Literature for buyout parts. 

Installation Support: 
We can provide one of our experienced Technicians to be onsite to train a contacted installation team how to properly install the equipment and will be there to answer any questions that may come up. This will ensure a proper installation.

Retro Fit Projects: 
When it’s too costly to replace older equipment we can provide technicians to install new upgrades to a variety of equipment. We can also provide a package deal for the parts and the labor.


New Equipment Installations: 
We will provide the technicians and the equipment to install and set-up your purchased equipment in almost any time frame that best benefits you and your schedule at a price that fits your budget. 

Start-up & Commissioning Support: 
We can provide one of our experienced Mechanical or Electrical Technicians to be onsite to review the installed equipment. Once properly installed and checked, we can then start the debugging and the start-up process. 

Preventive Maintenance Service Agreements: 
When your maintenance team is shorthanded because of budget or work load, we can come in and set-up a preventive maintenance schedule.  Our team of Technicians can perform this for you on a quarterly basis or when downtime is available.  


Services include:

  Mechanical Engineering
  • System Design
  • Field Design
  • Concepting
  • 3D Modeling 
Electrical Engineering
  • Programming
  • Wire Schematics
  • Panel Build
  • Complete Control Systems
  • Complete Systems Installations
  • Installer Supervision
  • Troubleshooting
  • Complete Line Audits