Rexnord Roller Upgrade System



Making the change from high maintenance costs and product damage caused by powered roller conveyors. From case packers to palletizers, CPW has teamed with Rexnord to retrofit your lines to quiet, smooth conveying with higher efficiencies. This can be accomplished with the superior performance of Rexnord Modular Chains.


The benefits of the Rexnord Roller Upgrade System

  • Modular Chains greatly reduce the damage to both products and packaging, providing stable transport of your
  • Increased safety with side guides and nip guards at drives
  • Increase line efficiency and flexibility
  • Since the Rexnord Modular Chain height is set to the height of the existing rollers, the line can be upgraded in
    sections and interfaced to existing roller heights

Reduce maintenance and operation costs with improved uptime by eliminating……..

  • O-ring replacement
  • Belt wandering and frayed belt edges
  • Belt slippage and tracking problems
  • Take-ups and their associated maintenance
  • Less moving parts and less problems

Rexnord Modular Chains provide a much longer life than Roller Conveyor.

CPW can supply a turnkey package that includes the roller upgrade parts and installation at an affordable price compared to full line replacement.

Contact us for an evaluation of your system and we can prepare a report showing what the return on your investment would be.