"S" Style
"C" Style
Upender Units

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These units have been a staple in industry for a long time. When your requirements need you to elevate your product to free up floor space, a Gripper Elevator has been a choice for many. The same unit can be used to bring your product back down to ground floor. This unit will grasp your product along its sides and power it to the elevation that is required. 

These units can be made in a variety of sizes and radiuses depending on your specific product that you have. At CPW we will recommend the right unit for your application.  All the units are width adjustable via a hand wheel; all the units can be upgraded to have a motorized width adjustment for those automated systems. 

While mostly used for elevating and lowering products in an "S" shape, these units can also invert products using the "C" style Gripper. When discharging a "C" Gripper the top becomes the bottom and vice-versa.  Also available are Gripper Upenders which incorporate two (2) independent "L" shaped Gripper sections that when interfaced with each other can change the orientation of the package by laying it on its side. 

All Gripper units can be fitted with an adjustable base. This base can adjust the in-feed and discharge height of the Gripper together the same distance. The adjustment is made via a hand wheel through jacking screws. 

All Grippers are available with different styles of gripper bulbs as well as different durometers. At CPW we will make sure that we propose the right bulb for your application.