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CPW Pallet Handling System

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Our pallet handling chain driven roller systems are unique in the fact that they are based on the 24 vdc motor driven roller technology. This is truly a “green” design which helps reduce energy costs in comparison to conventional chain driven roller systems which use AC gear motors to power the rollers. Installation is also made simple in the fact that all the communications and power are tied together zone by zone. Our system incorporates all the supporting features for a complete and integrated pallet system. Listed are just some of the features that we offer.

  • Transportation/Accumulation roller sections
  • 1.9” & 2.5” diameter roller systems
  • Pallet loads up to 4000 lbs
  • Pneumatic pop-up chain transfers
  • Manual pick stations for fork trucks
  • SGV pick stations with pop-up chain transfers
  • Pallet squaring devices
  • Motorized swing gate for fork truck access
  • Turntables
  • Pallet tracking throughout the line
  • Bar code scanning system for pallet identification
  • Complete control system