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Most production lines remain at floor level and do not elevate overhead. In these cases it is necessary to provide access through the line for personnel or equipment. This is accomplished with Lift Gates or Retractable Conveyors. Both of these units are effective pieces of equipment for providing the necessary access through the line.

At CPW we design our Lift Gates to be easily lifted by your personnel. We have designed our Lift Gate with a counterweighted system which assists in the lifting process. The weight system is designed for the specific size Lift Gate that you require. If a self-powered lift is required so that personnel do not have to physically lift anything, an air cylinder or electric actuator can be used in place of the counterweight. These units are stand-alone units and can be self-powered or slave driven from an adjoining conveyor.

Retractable conveyors are becoming more common for creating access through a production line. This design allows the conveyor to slide into itself creating an opening for personnel. This is done with a bearing slide system and a special wrap of the conveyor chain. Opening the unit can be done by grabbing a handle and pulling or it can happen automatically by an air cylinder with a manual valve.