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These conveyors are your typical style of conveyor. These use a table top plastic chain that is either a straight running chain or a curve chain. These conveyors are used for transportation and accumulation. Upenders are used for changing the orientation of a product 90 degrees by rolling it clockwise or counter-clockwise. At CPW we offer two styles of powered Upenders, an Arm style and a Twist Helix. Both styles are effective but the Twist Helix is much more reliable and easier to set up if runing a variety of products. 

The Arm style Upender is a cogged belt with a highgip cover over it. The Arm is angled and cantilevers over the transportation conveyor that it is mounted along side. The product is steered to the edge of the conveyor where it will then engage with the Upender Arm and the product will travel up the Arm changing its orientation. Once the product leaves the Arm the product will have changed its orientation by 90 degrees. Speeds of the Upender Arm and the transportation conveyor are critical for proper upending. It is necessary for the transportation conveyor to keep driving the product into the Upeder Arm to keep it engaged with the Arm. If the Arm is lowered out of the way, the products are allowed to pass by without changing the orientation. 

The Twist Helix is our more common tool for upending product. This unit uses two strands of rollerbase table top chain which form an "L" shape to cradle the product. As the product moves through the Helix, the chains will twist 90 degrees changing the orientation of the product. During the twist of the chains, the bottom chain at the infeed becomes the side chain at the discharge and vice-versa. The chains are under tension via a air cylinder, this assures that the chains will run smooth as these operate without any catenary. Our Twist Helix is totally enclosed for safety and includes hinged access doors.

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