Rotator - gallery


At CPW we have a couple of different ways to rotate your product, the most common being a Dual Belt Rotator. This unit uses two similar modular plastic belts that are side by side with one of the belts running faster than the other. This change in speed forces the product to rotate about the centerline changing the orientation of the product 90 degrees. This unit can rotate products 90 degrees clockwise, or 90 degrees counter-clockwise. We can also rotate 180 degrees if required. Our standard unit has both belts cant at around 5 degrees, this promotes good product contact which provides for the best results with soft sided product. If running hard sided products like cartons or cases there is no need to cant the belts, they should remain flat. This unit is capable of rotating packages up to a rate of 250 products per minute.

Horizontal starwheels are another style of Rotator that can be used for changing the orientation of your product. This is a positive style of Rotator which is powered by a gearmotor or a servo motor. This can run in an indexing mode or a continuous mode depending on your application. The starwheel will be designed based on your specific product requirements.