Starwheel - Gallery

Starwheels are a very common piece of equipment for changing the orientation of a product, typically a flat surfaced product like a carton. Starwheels can also be used on some soft sided products, but this application would need to be reviewed prior to providing a quote. 

Starwheels will "roll forward" a product changing its orientation 90 degrees, basically the top of the product becomes the leading edge. At CPW we can design the starwheel that will best fit your product requirements. The starwheel design is based on your specific product, in many cases we can design a starwheel that can accommodate a variety of products so there is no change over. If your products vary too much, we will design as many starwheels as necessary and provide you with the means for quick changeover.

Starwheels can be powered by AC gearmotors, or in high speed applications we apply servo motors for improved control. With servo powered starwheels we are capable of reaching speeds in excess of 550 products per minute. This rate is product sensitive and requires a stable flat sided product.

Starwheels can also be gravity powered. This is done with back pressure either horizontally (level) or on a decline. A friction pad is used as a brake to assure that the starwheel does not free spin too easily.

If your variety of products do not need all of them to engage with the starwheel we can design it so that the starwheels can drop out of the way allowing products to pass through with changing orientation. This can be accomplished by a handwheel or it can be powered up and down via an air cylinder or electric actuator.